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Barclay Companies History

Justin Barclay is living the American Dream.

Born in Minnesota, Justin ventured west to Montana to seek adventure. Starting out as a handyman in Jordan, MT, he quickly found he missed working with heavy equipment and excavating. Moving to the oilfields, Justin proved himself an asset to all who hired him.

In 2012, Justin founded Barclay Construction in Fairview, MT. Starting out with just one skid loader, one truck, and one trailer, he worked hard in excavating, gauging and station watching as a contractor. Again, his work ethic lead him to be trusted across Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

While continuing to build Barclay Construction, Justin founded Barclay Properties with his brother, Shane Barclay, and Barclay Builders, both in 2015.

Barclay Builders now has a crew of about one dozen who travel across the Upper Midwest, erecting grain storage bins and hoop buildings. Lead by foreman Jeff Gotvald, they operate in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

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Barclay Construction has a crew of about 20, offering roustabout services, contract labor, hydrovacing, excavating, gauging, terminal watching, and material hauling across the Northern Great Plains.

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Barclay Properties has a number of rental homes, spread out across Little Falls, Pierz, and Rice in Central Minnesota, managed by Shane.

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