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Barclay Builders

Grain Storage Bins

Our foreman, Jeff, and his crew can erect grain storage bins of up to 135’ in diameter for commercial or private agriculture needs. With decades of experience, Jeff knows grain storage construction inside and out.

Hoop Buildings

Easy-to-maintain and less expensive than wood or steel barns, we know why you love hoop buildings. Whether you need them to store livestock, farming equipment, hay or grain, we’re ready to get to work.

Barclay Builders Team


In 2015, Justin Barclay was able to entice Jeff Gotvald, one of the best grain bin construction foremen in the business to join the team. With that, Justin started the Barclay Builders business. Originally from Minnesota, Justin primarily lives in Montana now but travels across the Upper Midwest.


Jeff Gotvald is a premiere grain storage bin and hoop building foreman. He’s been erecting buildings and leading crews most of his life and will be your go-to contact for the nitty-gritty details. Jeff is always on the road to somewhere interesting.


When raising your grain storage bin or hoop building, Jeff will be leading a team of 10-15 experienced crew members. The team travels together across the Upper Midwest, erecting private and commercial agriculture buildings, and they are excellent at what they do.